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Episode 71 – FBI Listicles

What does it take to be considered an undefinedextremistundefined in the eyes of the state? Do libertarian ideas conflict with being a centrist?

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Episode 70 – Split-Posting

Is anyone actually offended or is it offense by proxy? Is polarization inertia keeping us divided? Can you ruin your Libertarian witness?

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Episode 68 – Immigration Invasion

Is the Free State Project anti-democratic? What freedoms would be in jeopardy because of them? Are state lines sacred? Anti-Free State Project Protest Held in Keene: https://odysee.com/@FreeKeene:2/Anti-FSP-Rally:7

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Episode 67 – Fallout & Evolution

How did we become what we are today? Why do we think that evolution suddenly stopped just before we arrived. Fox study: https://evolution-outreach.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12052-018-0090-xTibet study: https://vcresearch.berkeley.edu/news/tibetans-adapted-high-altitude-less-3000-years

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Episode 61 – Defense of the Self

Who is responsible for your safety? What are the costs for not properly defending yourself? Who should be able to own a deadly weapon? Mentioned in this episode: Active Self Protection

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Episode 49 – Unrestgate

Why are we suddenly so consumed with Ukraine? Why would we be surprised that Russia is responding negatively to being provoked?

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Episode 43 – Safe-steading

As the state grows larger and more powerful, how do we prepare for what comes next? How long should we stay in the eye of the storm?

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Episode 40 – Togetherness

How does one distinguish a undefinedcrimeundefined from a undefinedhate crimeundefined? Why are we so quick to turn on our fellow citizens?

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Episode 35 – Animal Style Lies

Do private companies have to comply with the mandate? What in the world is the undefinedGreat Resetundefined and who will end up holding the bag?

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Episode 31 – Amera Nightmare

The guys break down a bit of early 2000s punk rock. From Duane Peters to drone strikes, this weekundefineds got something for everyone.

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Episode 28 – All For One or One For All?

Itundefineds an understatement to say there are many factions within the undefinedLiberty Movement.undefined Even that term is an outgrowth of contempt and resentment for the word undefinedlibertarian.undefined Should we pool our resources and focus or split up to cover more ground?

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Episode 25 – Death to Small Business

At an individual level, there is quite a lot of chatter around the re-distribution of wealth. During lockdown, though, we are seeing it play out in real time (just not in the direction we wanted).

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Episode 22 – Propagadvertising

Vance has curated a list of commercials that may not be undefinedpropagandaundefined in the literal sense, but are certainly unintentional complicity. Bart, forever a fan of a portmanteau, has decided to coin the term undefinedpropagadvertisingundefined as it is much more precise (and kind) than calling people undefineduseful idiots.undefined

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Episode 20 – Revolution Without a Cause

Vance is a born rebel; Bart questions everything. So, itundefineds only natural that this crew asks undefinedagainst what, exactly, are we rebelling?undefined Imagine holding the same exact views as your teachers, all of your friends, every politician, everyone in Hollywood, the entire media class, every major corporation and still honestly believing that you are opposing undefined Episode 20 undefined Revolution Without a Cause Read More undefined

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Episode 16 – Feminism

Rape culture! Slut-shaming! Trans-inclusive Feminism! These are just a few of the issues that Vance and Bart completely skip in their adventures in mansplaining.

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Episode 11 – The Media (Part 1 of ∞)

Vance and Bart pontificate on this: Is it just a coincidence that people believe one of two publicly acceptable opinions? Does it just so happen that millions of people start talking about those beliefs the same week (or even the same day)?

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Episode 7 – Race To The Bottom

What qualifies as undefinedracistundefined in 2021? Is a personundefineds race (or hate thereof) enough to explain the motivation for violent crime?

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Episode 6 – Propaganda

Between undefinedfake newsundefined and Facebook groups, misinformation abounds. But, is that propaganda? Is that nearly as dangerous as more subtle means of influence? Mentioned in this episode: AntiWar.com Enough Already by Scott Horton

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Episode 4 – Education (Part 1)

What do we mean when we say undefinededucationundefined? How do we define such a nebulous idea? Vance and Bart explore the idea that the undefinededucation systemundefined may just be a misnomer. Mentioned in this episode: Connor Boyackundefineds Tuttle Twins

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Episode 3 – We Came, We Saw, He Died

Gun control has been a lively debate for decades; it is a tool for defense, but can also be a weapon. So, why does the debate seem to be the same for body armor, something that is only for defense?

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Vance, a reformed member of the (R)ight, lives in the South and is a life-long student of economics.

Bart, a bleeding-heart super nerd, lives in the San Francisco bay area but believes the (L)eft has abandoned him.

Every week, these two discuss life, liberty, and the pursuit of…life and liberty.

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